Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energyより4~5月のニュースが届きました その4(タラノア対話)


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GCoM Emphasises Key Role of Cities in UNFCCC Talanoa dialogue
Throughout the year, ICLEI, with the support from GCoM, C40, and UCLG, is organizing a series of city “Talanoa Dialogues” to capture the interest from local government actors to support implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. An initial GCoM submission to the UNFCCC, developed with the input of all Founders Council partners, clarified a common contribution to the UNFCCC Talanoa Dialogue, bringing the city perspective to the global stocktaking of progress toward the goals of the Paris Agreement. With aggregated data from GCoM committed cities and through key examples from GCoM cities including Vancouver, Chefchaouen, Rajkot and Seoul, the contribution highlights the important role of local and regional actors today, provides key examples of cities leading by example and increasing ambition, and calls for a future where city action is fully recognized and resourced.