Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energyより4~5月のニュースが届きました その1(エクアドル)


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GCoM “NDC Call to Action” Advances in Quito during Talanoa Dialogue – May 4, 2018

Under the leadership of Mauricio Rodas, Mayor of Quito, Ecuador and GCoM Board member, the municipality of Quito hosted a local Talanoa dialogue, during which they signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment, WWF Ecuador and the Association of Municipalities of Ecuador and with the support of ICLEI, the Global Covenant of Mayors and the European Union, to create the National Consultative Committee for Climate Change in Ecuador. The committee will create an ongoing forum to institutionalize the “vertical integration” of climate action between cities and other levels of government in Ecuador – initially focused on how local action can be incorporated into “NDC investment strategies” – or country level plans to implement the Paris Climate Agreement, building upon the “NDC Call to Action” launched at last year’s One Planet Summit in partnership with IADB, the World Bank, UN-Habitat, C40 and ICLEI.